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VP Bladder Care
VP Prosta X
VP Liver Care

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VP Bladder Care – Helps in bladder control

VP Bladder Care is a proprietary blend, using a Hyper Pure process of PS940 special pumpkin seed extract and Soy 940 soy germ isoflavones. With Cranberry extract in it, VP Bladder Care:

Helps in occasional accidental loss of bladder control due to coughing, sneezing or laughing
Helps in occasional loss of involuntary loss of bladder control
Helps in occasional involuntary urination
Helps in occasional stress incontinence
Helps in occasional leaky bladder
Helps restful sleep and sleep satisfaction

60 capsules in a bottle.
1 capsule to be taken daily after food.

VP Prosta X – Aids in the general well-being of the prostate

VP Prosta X is a synergistic formula to support people have healthy prostate functions. Its formula of Saw Palmetto, Bixo Orellana and Cats’ Claw have long been known for their anti-inflammatory, immunostimulating and antimutgenic effects. Along with a sensible diet, VP Prosta X aids in the general well-being of the prostate.

60 capsules in a bottle.
1 capsule to be taken daily after food. 

VP Liver Care

VP Liver Care with CurQlife.With a US patent CurQlife is particularly beneficial in liver support. Its mechanism of Action is focused on inhibiting a considerable portion of the metabolites released after suffering any aggression resulting from the inflammatory cascade.

VP Liver Care CurQlife also increases the release of glutathione, protecting the Liver as an anti-oxidant. The formulation also includes two other products known for its hepatoprotective effect,Milk Thistle and Anamu. Together it binds with different mechanisms of action that coplements each other and provides unmatched Liver detoxification and protection

VP Bladder Care,VP Prosta X,VP Liver Care