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VP Bladder Care
VittaPharms Knee Support

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VP Bladder Care is a proprietary blend, using a Hyper Pure process of PS940 special pumpkin seed extract and Soy 940 soy germ isoflavones. With Cranberry extract in it, VP Bladder Care:

Helps in occasional accidental loss of bladder control due to coughing, sneezing or laughing
Helps in occasional loss of involuntary loss of bladder control
Helps in occasional involuntary urination
Helps in occasional stress incontinence
Helps in occasional leaky bladder
Helps restful sleep and sleep satisfaction 

Knee Support Advance.

Vitta Pharm’s KNEE SUPPORT ADVANCE maintains the healthy connective tissue found on joints. It helps to renew cartilage and works with several ingredients that helps to increase bio-availability for joint care.

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