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VP Collagen cream
Gout Support


VP Collagen cream has further added Hyaluronic acid to increase the suppleness and rich effect the cream has on your skin. It penetrates the upper levels of the epidermis and saturates your skin with elastin and keratin to rejuvenate and fight the visible effects of aging.

Gout Support: Gout is a type of arthritis which can cause excruciating pain, swelling and redness at the joints especially in the big toe men over the age of 40 are typically affected by it. Gout is the result of uric forming hard crystal in the joints. If left untreated it can lead to other complications.
Our Gout Support's proprietary blend of ingredients is formulated to aid in the reduction of the inflammation in the joints. An addition to Tart Cherry which is traditionally used in the treatment of Gout it contains CurQlife, a US patent cur cumin which has a faster absorption than the standard turmeric. It also contains Boswellia anti-inflammatory agent which aids in the treatment of Gout.

*Tart Cherry
*Vitamin C  
*Apple Cider Vinegar

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