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VP Bladder Care
VP Trim
VP Liver Care

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VP Bladder Care is a proprietary blend, using a Hyper Pure process of PS940 special pumpkin seed extract and Soy 940 soy germ isoflavones. With Cranberry extract in it, VP Bladder Care:
Helps in occasional accidental loss of bladder control due to coughing, sneezing or laughing
Helps in occasional loss of involuntary loss of bladder control
Helps in occasional involuntary urination
Helps in occasional stress incontinence
Helps in occasional leaky bladder
Helps restful sleep and sleep satisfaction

Main Ingredient:
PS940 Pumpkin Seed Extract
Soy940 soy germ ExtractCranberry

60 capsules in a bottle.Take one capsule after meal, twice a day

VP Trim’s Green Coffee bean is extracted from pure high quality coffee bean leafs and has 50% chlorogenic acid.

Along with a healthy diet and lifestyle, it helps in effective weight management.

Main ingredient:
Green Coffee Beans Extract (50% Chlorogenic acid)

Serving Direction:
60 capsulesAdults take one capsule twice daily with 8 ounce of water 

Garlic in VP’s Odourless Garlic has been used for centuries by many civilisations for medicinal purpose. It is still widely used today and many of its benefits are still being ‘discovered’.

Main Ingredient:
Garlic Oil

Serving Direction:
Take one to two soft gels as a food supplement

Bladder Care, Slimming, Liver Care