what is urinary tract infection and how you can treat and prevent it?

One of the dreaded things that can ruin our life, especially our health, is bacteria which we actually do not see or even smell. This is because we are living in an environment that is getting more and more less conducive for us to live in. Bacteria are the most dreaded things on this planet since they can cause some of the incurable diseases that we may be experiencing right now.

There are also numerous infections that are caused mainly by bacteria. And one of the serious infections that we could ever have unknowingly is the urinary tract infection. The said kind of infection can affect both men and women as it is directed on the urinary tract of the individual who can be susceptible to it. And to protect yourself from the bad effects of urinary tract infection it would be best if you know everything about the said kind of infection

One of the main causes of urinary tract infections when the bacteria from your bowel get into your urinary tract. Women are also prone to this infection because of the anatomy of their genitals where their urinary tract is connected and is very susceptible to being invaded by the bacteria. And when women engage in sexual intercourse, they become more susceptible to this infection as some of the bacteria in their vaginal area can be transferred to their urinary tract. In order to prevent yourself from experiencing urinary tract infection, it would be best if you would practice utmost caution when you are urinating or whenever you are participating in sexual intercourse.

Another thing that can cause you to experience urinary tract infection is when you suppress your urination frequently. This is because whenever you hold your urine, the bladder tends to stretch beyond its capacity. If this occurs frequently, the muscle of the bladder tends to weaken and when it is weakened, the bladder may not have the capability to fully empty itself upon urination. And if a small amount of urine stays in your bladder, it can cause the proliferation of bacteria.

Just like any type of infection, urinary tract infection can be treated only through the use of antibiotics. But if you are told by your physician to take antibiotics for a certain period of time, you should not discontinue taking the said medicine in order for it to be effective. You can also drink a lot of water in order for you to address the said infection. This is because when you drink lots of water, it will cause you to urinate thus cleaning your bladder.

There is no need for you to be afraid of having a urinary tract infection as it can be prevented from happening to you. But if you already have the said infection, do not be despaired as it can be treated through the use of simple antibiotics that you can have from any drugstore. The main thing about being infected with urinary tract infection and having it treated is all about proper hygiene.

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