Before understanding why it is important to maintain good sugar levels in the human body, we must first understand what is blood sugar, also known as glucose. Glucose is the sugar that circulates the blood, acting as the body’s main source of energy. Glucose can be found from carbohydrates in our diet that are broken down by the digestive system. Cells in the body utilise glucose to convert it to energy for the body to function. However, glucose can only enter cells when there is enough insulin, which is a protein that makes the cells ready to receive glucose in the bloodstream. Only when insulin moves glucose to the cells that the cells can use it for energy. The higher the amount of glucose in the body, the higher the blood sugar level. This can lead to common diseases like diabetes, or hyperglycemia in general, which is when levels of sugar in the body are high. This can cause a person to feel fatigue or lightheaded, or, in extreme cases, vision loss or kidney diseases. This is why maintaining a good blood sugar level is important, and if your diet does not control your blood sugar levels well enough, you should take Glucozip, a product from us that aids in maintaining good sugar levels within the body. Along with a healthy lifestyle, you can be ensured that blood sugar levels will stay within the healthy range! So, what are you waiting for? Get your Glucozip in our stores today!

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