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When we are young, we tend not to think much about our knees as they do not affect how we walk everyday. However, as we start to age, joint pains become a more common occurrence. Everyday activities that we do like walking or running causes our joints to wear and tear, and even weight gain will transmit more pressure to our lower body joints. This is where supplements come in, to provide knee support and renew cartilage. Vitamin D can be commonly found in supplements for knee support as it promotes musculoskeletal health and due to its anti-inflammatory effects, it plays a role in relieving joint pains. Another key ingredient is chondroitin, is a building block of cartilage and helps prevent the cartilage from breaking down, therefore reducing joint pains. Finally, methylsulfonylmethane, also commonly known as MSM, is an ingredient that also helps with joint pains and also improving the function of our joints. Overall, osteoarthritis (joint pain) is common as we all age and therefore we should start to prevent it from occurring by taking preliminary steps early on in our life. Some steps that can be taken is: keeping a healthy body weight, because when we gain weight, it puts extra stress on our joints, and therefore it will wear and tear more easily. We should also exercise regularly to improve the strength of our joints and it will result in a stronger and more resistant joint. While exercising may be crucial, we should also not overwork it, and to know our limits. Athletes are most susceptible to this as they engage in vigorous activities, which causes osteoarthritis to occur earlier for them. See a doctor when you experience any pain and never leave it unchecked as it may escalate out of control.

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