If you ever had knee pain, you would know that it can be a major problem. It can affect anyone of any age group. Getting up the stairs can feel like you are climbing up Mount Everest. Or, simple task like walking around can be agony. How is one able to live with knee pain when we need our legs to move around? If we do not treat it in time, it can adversely affect our strength and endurance. There are many reasons why one can have knee pain. It can be due to: 

Age: As we age, our body may not be as strong as it was before. Therefore, when we have a condition or injury, it can cause knee pain. One example of a condition that is common among elderly is arthritis, which is the swelling and tenderness of one or more of our joints. 

Weight: Being overweight can put extra pressure on our knees. 

Injury: Treating our injury immediately is important. Otherwise, it can cause damage to the surrounding area and affect our movement.

Osteoarthritis, which is a condition that is linked with aging or previous injury, can cause us disability or reduced quality of life. Women generally tend to have osteoporosis compared to men. This is due to our body feature, where our hips are wider than our knees to help with childbirth. Therefore, there is extra pressure on our knee joint in the long run. Although a knee joint replacement can be done for osteoporosis, it can be very painful and expensive. Here at Vitta Pharms, we have Knee Support. It helps to renew cartilage and increase bio-availability for joint care. Grab yours now!

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