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Knee Support Advance

Chronic knee condition often occurs in older people as they age, especially in people who are 65 and older. A recent British study in the Journal Arthritis and Rheumatism has suggested that two-thirds of women aged from 50 and above often experience persistent or intermittent knee pain. In the USA, an approximate of 25% women and 16.5% of men, over 70 years old, have reported that knee pain is something that keeps bothering them and creating more discomfort in their daily activities.

What is the relation between aging and chronic knee pain? 

A medical director of the Spine and Sports Rehabilitation Center at the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago, Joel Press, has shared that the elderlies have to fight with gravity on a regular basis. With the steps they take, there would be some wear and tear in the joint. Even though aging is just one of the factors contributing to the condition, some other reasons include:

  • Osteoarthritis
  • Obesity 
  • Muscle Changes

About 14% of Americans with the age from 24 have osteoarthritis, which is caused by the breakdown of cartilage. As your knees are protected by cartilage, this breakdown would leave you more vulnerable to knee pain. The number would rise more steeply up to 34% with the age group from 65 and above. Hence, in most of the cases, older people suffer from osteoarthritis.  

Apart from that, as you gain weight due to aging and slower metabolism rates, the extra pounds would add up to the load and your knees have to bear with that factor. Along with that, being overweight is also a leading factor which contributes to the risks of developing osteoarthritis.

It is common for your muscles to shrink in size by roughly 40% as you age, consequently, losing strength. Hence, the muscles in hips and legs need to take up some of the force on your legs while walking and doing activities. This loss of muscular support contributes to higher vulnerability of knee pain and chronic knee conditions. 

Stay Strong and Healthy, lower the risks

You can prevent and lower the risks of developing chronic knee pain with the following steps:

  • Maintain a healthy weight and balanced diet 
  • Exercise more often 
  • Take supplement for your joint and knee care

VittaPharms KNEE SUPPORT ADVANCE (60s) has all what you need for chronic knee conditions, including Collagen Type II and Hyaluronic Acid, Boswellia, Chondroitin, MSM, Vitamin D. It helps and supports healthy connective tissues found on joints, renews cartilage and increases bioavailability for joint care.


Collagen For Joint Health

Ligaments, joints and tendons are all part of the intricate matrix in our body largely consisting of collagen. Ligaments and tendons are a type of connective tissue that attaches two bones and muscles, holding them together. These tissues — bones, ligaments, tendons and the skeletal muscles — are made up of proteins, including collagen. Therefore, joint health can be supported by incorporating collagen into your daily diet.

Collagen Type II is extremely important in our body, as the main component of cartilage and provides support to the skeletal system. Elderlies and active people, who need to rely on their joints, should take supplements containing type II Collagen into their diet.


Chondroitin is a substance that occurs naturally in the connective tissues of people and animals. It is known as one of the most sought after joint-supporting supplements available nowadays. As a supplement in higher doses than is found naturally, chondroitin is a popular treatment for osteoarthritis. Researchers suggested that chondroitin is effective towards reducing joint pain, increasing mobility and decreasing your need for painkillers. It also helps to rebuild cartilage naturally and bóots recovery of tissues after injury or exercise. 


Boswellia is an extract sourced from the gum resin produced by the Boswellia Serrata, commonly used in ayurveda. It is rich in boswellic acids, a substance that may have anti-inflammatory effects. 

Boswellia has received a fair bit of attention for its ability to reduce pain, inflammation and difficulties with movement in people suffering from arthritis and osteoarthritis. Numerous studies have confirmed its traditional use as a treatment for arthritis.


Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM) is a natural compound used as a dietary supplement. It is believed to aid joint health by:


Improving joint disorder symptoms. MSM is frequently used to manage the symptoms of joint conditions such as osteoarthritis.
Minimizing joint damage. Through its anti-oxidative and anti-inflammatory properties, MSM may help keep joints healthy.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D is a nutrient that is vital for bone health. Several studies show that low levels of vitamin D can cause increased joint and muscle pain. A deficiency of vitamin D causes bones to soften and become weak. This is called osteomalacia in adults. Vitamin D can also help prevent osteoporosis, which is another condition that weakens bones.


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